In the words of the head of patient administration

“We assist our patients individually in their personal concerns. This allows them to focus on their recovery, and feel that they are in good hands at MedAustron during this difficult phase of their live.”

Gergely Boda – Head of Patient Administration

Treatment process

The period of time from the first contact to the completion of a therapy takes a few weeks. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, and on this page, we give you an outline of a typical therapy process.


Therapy request

Contact MedAustron

  • Transmission of all relevant documents and digital imaging
Duration approx. 2 working days:

Expert investigation

  • Evaluation in the New Patient Board
  • Appointment invitation in case of positive evaluation

Initial consultation

First appointment:

  • Admission consultation
  • Medical consultation
  • Study consultation
Duration approx. 5 working days:

Cost assumption

  • Clarification of cost assumption
  • Approval by health insurance institution

Immobilization & imaging

Second appointment:

  • Medical consultation
  • CT/MRI images in treatment position
  • Positioning aids
  • Study consultation (optional)
Duration approx. 10 working days:

Therapy planning

  • Irradiation planning

Start of treatment

  • Daily* irradiation (Mon-Fri)
  • Weekly check-up

*individual deviation possible

Duration approx. 1-8 weeks, depending on the indication:

Treatment at MedAustron

  • Telephone information about the start of therapy
  • If needed: Arrangement for suitable accommodation by our patient care coordinators

Treatment completion

  • Medical consultation
  • Study consultation (optional)


  • Coordinated with local doctors

Therapy process for download

Here you will find templates for documents that you need for your records.

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Do you have any questions about ion beam therapy or MedAustron?

Do you have any questions about the therapy or procedure? Whatever you want to know, do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you within two business days.

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Do you have any questions about ion beam therapy or MedAustron?
Here you will find answers

Frequently asked questions

About ion beam therapy

What is ion beam or particle therapy?

Ion beam therapy is a form of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. Protons or carbon ions are used – both are charged, massive particles.

How are the particles generated?

Protons are obtained from hydrogen gas H2, carbon ions from carbon dioxide CO2. The physical properties of protons and carbon ions are similar, but carbon ions have a much higher, so-called “biological effectiveness”.

Is ion beam therapy suitable for every type of cancer?

Compared to conventional radiotherapy with photons, particle therapy is able to reduce the radiation exposure of the adjacent healthy tissue and almost completely spare the tissue behind the tumour. Therefore, particle therapy is an ideal treatment for localized tumours in the vicinity of radiosensitive organs. Since strongly growing tissue reacts more sensitively to radiation, proton therapy is particularly suitable for cancer in children and adolescents.