We look forward to receiving numerous applications and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the application and entry process.

Sophie Schimpl, BA – HR Generalist


Exciting career opportunities in a unique cancer treatment and research centre.


Who we are

MedAustron is a cancer treatment and research centre in Wiener Neustadt that is unique throughout Austria. An innovative form of radiation therapy, ion beam therapy, is used at MedAustron in the fight against cancer. This makes it possible to irradiate tumours in places that are difficult to reach, to spare healthy tissue and thus to significantly reduce side effects.

We offer a unique working environment, built around the particle accelerator, which is used for therapy and research with protons and carbon ions. We have set ourselves the goal of prolonging the lives of cancer patients and improving their quality of life. We aim to be a leading institute in the field of ion beam therapy, and through continuous development and research we are securing a place at the top international level.

MedAustron in numbers

  • 250

    Staff members


    Staff members

    Work for us in the various areas of medicine, technology and administration.

  • 20




    The home countries of our team members range from Italy and France to Chile or Australia.

  • 150

    Employees work in the technical area


    Employees work in the technical area

    These include, for example, Operations & Services, IT or the particle accelerator team.


Exciting videos about MedAustron

What makes MedAustron special?

HR Generalist Sophie Schimpl, BA explains what she values at MedAustron.

Diversity at MedAustron

Diversity plays a major role for us, whether nationality, language or education, together we research and work under one roof. Mag. Sigrid Giehsauer, Head of the HR Department, talks about diversity.

Occupation fields at MedAustron

Head of HR, Mag. Sigrid Giehsauer, explains the various occupation fields at MedAustron.

Internship at MedAustron

What does an internship at MedAustron look like? Head of the HR department, Mag. Sigrid Giehsauer, explains.

What does collaboration with other professions look like?

A close coordination with other professional groups is essential in radiadion technology from the very beginning of therapy planning. Radiation Technologist Stefanie Humhal, MSc, describes exactly how this looks like.

What you should know about MedAustron – in under 30 Seconds

What should people know about MedAustron? Watch our Head of Marketing & PR Mag. Petra Wurzer explain in less than 30 seconds!

What makes MedAustron special?
Diversity at MedAustron
Occupation fields at MedAustron
Internship at MedAustron
What does collaboration with other professions look like?
What you should know about MedAustron – in under 30 Seconds

Who we are looking for

Not only our approximately 250 employees from more than 20 nations, but especially our many different fields of expertise characterize the diversity of our company.

Therefore, we address experts from the fields of physics, medical physics, technology of various disciplines, such as electronics, mechatronics, software and hardware development, and many more. In addition, we offer the medical fields of radiooncology, radiology technology, nursing to positions in our administrative area, such as finance and human resources, purchasing and quality management, which strengthen our motivated and dedicated team and support us in the fight against cancer through therapy and research.

Open positions

Tips from the specialist

My tip for applicants:

For us, a positive first impression does not only include a CV, but also a well-prepared letter of motivation. We are particularly interested in your interests, your focus and your career goals. My tips for your interview: stay authentic, engage with our conversation and feel free to ask lots of questions.

Bianca Rabacher, BA

Head of Human Resources

A typical application process

Here you can see the flow of a typical application process.

Online application

Upload your CV, letter of motivation and possibly certificates online in just a few steps.


We read your documents carefully and give you feedback within 2 weeks.

First interview

If your application fits the advertised job, you will be invited to a meeting with HR and team management.

Second interview

If successful, we will organize a second meeting with the team.


At the latest 2 weeks after your interview, we will discuss our and your decision with you.


Contact Human Resources

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the application process.

Riccarda Ruck, BA

HR Generalist

+43 2622 26 100 158 riccarda.ruck@medaustron.at

Frequently asked questions

About application

How can I apply to MedAustron?

Please upload your application including CV and motivation letter in our application tool by clicking on “Apply now” in the lower area of the respective job advertisement. In the job list you can also find the position “unsolicited application”. Our application tool will guide you through the individual steps. Sending the application, normally takes only a few minutes. Due to data protection reasons, we do not accept applications by e-mail.

What documents should my application contain? In which format should I upload my application documents?

Curriculum vitae: This should include the exact duration of previous employment and training, as well as a brief description of previous activities and skills.

Letter of motivation: Why do you want to work at MedAustron and why are you the right person for this position? Let us also know what you are looking for, when you are available and your preferred number of hours per week if you are applying for a part-time position. What else would you like to tell us that is not apparent in your curriculum vitae?

Training and service certificates: If possible, please combine your references into a single, clearly arranged file.

Please prepare your application documents in the language in which the advertisement was written and upload them as a PDF file.

Who is my contact person in the recruiting process?

If you have any questions about the vacancies or your application, please contact Julie Van Ysendyck, BA on +43 664 80878 154.

Can I submit an unsolicited application?

You can upload your unsolicited application via the job posting “Unsolicited application” in our online application tool. Please state the section for which you are applying, your preferred working hours and the possible start date. If you wish, we will be happy to contact you directly as soon as we advertise a new position in your field of interest.

Can I also complete an apprenticeship at MedAustron?

We currently do not train apprentices at MedAustron.

How can I withdraw my application or delete my profile?

You can withdraw your application at any time in your profile in the respective job by clicking on “Withdraw”. In your account settings you can also request a deletion of the entire profile. You can find more information about data protection in your applicant account and on our website. If you still have any questions in this regard, please contact datenschutz@medaustron.at.

About ion beam therapy

What is ion beam or particle therapy?

Ion beam therapy is a form of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. Protons or carbon ions are used – both are charged, massive particles.

How are the particles generated?

Protons are obtained from hydrogen gas H2, carbon ions from carbon dioxide CO2. The physical properties of protons and carbon ions are similar, but carbon ions have a much higher, so-called “biological effectiveness”.

Is ion beam therapy suitable for every type of cancer?

Compared to conventional radiotherapy with photons, particle therapy is able to reduce the radiation exposure of the adjacent healthy tissue and almost completely spare the tissue behind the tumour. Therefore, particle therapy is an ideal treatment for localized tumours in the vicinity of radiosensitive organs. Since strongly growing tissue reacts more sensitively to radiation, proton therapy is particularly suitable for cancer in children and adolescents.