Information for referring physicians

Radiation therapy is one of the central pillars of oncology, along with surgery and systemic drug therapy. Like conventional radiotherapy, ion beam therapy is used as a primary definitive, neoadjuvant, concomitant and adjuvant form of therapy. Patients who are recommended for re-irradiation and who cannot receive photon therapy due to previous exposure to critical organs often benefit from ion beam therapy at MedAustron. In any case, close cooperation with the referring physicians and colleagues from other disciplines is essential for every patient.

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We will connect you with the specialists for the respective clinical picture in order to discuss all details of a possible ion beam therapy and also topics such as combined therapy concepts, rehabilitation measures during the therapy or inpatient admissions.

Therapy request Indications
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Indications for ion beam therapy

Find out more about indications for radiation therapy with protons or carbon ions.

Ion beam therapy, by the way, is also carried out within the framework of boost concepts in close cooperation with the respective radiotherapy centres at the Austrian hospitals. The indication is given in this case, if the application of a curative dose, without exceeding the dose limits in the area of critical risk organs, is not possible with photon therapy alone.

Organisational issues

A therapy recommendation for each patient must be made in the context of an interdisciplinary tumour board discussion. In the case of an indication for ion beam therapy, this decision serves as a basis for submission to the Austrian health insurance companies for approval of the therapy at MedAustron. Communication with the health insurance companies is handled by MedAustron.