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As a patient, you will usually visit us every day for several weeks. Whether it’s a doctor’s consultation, examination or treatment: For patients, all therapy steps always take place on the same level. Rooms and corridors flooded with light and green atriums create a peaceful ambience in our therapy center.

In the spacious waiting area, books and magazines shorten the waiting time, on your mobile devices you can use our WLAN free of charge. There is a waiting area dedicated for children and teenagers and their families, where a lot of games and a Playstation provide entertainment.

Three irradiation rooms are used for the treatment of patients. In the radiation rooms we adapt light color and music to the individual wishes of our patients.

The robot-controlled couch in the treatment rooms fulfils several requirements: it places patients in the correct position for irradiation with millimeter precision and also monitors this position continuously. A specially developed “imaging ring” provides X-ray and CT images to check the position.

Behind the scenes of the irradiation rooms, there is a special medical device: a particle accelerator that is unique in Austria. It delivers particle beams of protons or carbon ions into the treatment rooms. Developed in cooperation with the European Council for Nuclear Research CERN, it is a complex machine designed by physicists and technicians to meet the high clinical demands. Comparable technical facilities exist at only five other treatment centers worldwide. The particle accelerator itself, but also all systems connected to it, are subject to strict quality assurance on a daily basis and are constantly being further developed.

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Wood and light create a cozy atmosphere.

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Our irradiation rooms are equipped with a robot-controlled couch.

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Light-flooded waiting areas.

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Imaging for therapy planning using CT and MR is done in-house.

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Technology behind the scenes: The heart of the particle accelerator.

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MedAustron, our therapy and research center is located in Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, about 50 kilometers south of Vienna.

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Frequently asked questions

About ion beam therapy

What is ion beam or particle therapy?

Ion beam therapy is a form of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. Protons or carbon ions are used – both are charged, massive particles.

How are the particles generated?

Protons are obtained from hydrogen gas H2, carbon ions from carbon dioxide CO2. The physical properties of protons and carbon ions are similar, but carbon ions have a much higher, so-called “biological effectiveness”.

Is ion beam therapy suitable for every type of cancer?

Compared to conventional radiotherapy with photons, particle therapy is able to reduce the radiation exposure of the adjacent healthy tissue and almost completely spare the tissue behind the tumour. Therefore, particle therapy is an ideal treatment for localized tumours in the vicinity of radiosensitive organs. Since strongly growing tissue reacts more sensitively to radiation, proton therapy is particularly suitable for cancer in children and adolescents.