MedAustron benefits from close cooperation and knowledge transfer with the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN. The particle accelerator results from CERN are especially important for MedAustron technology and research. For more information on the European Organization Organization for Nuclear Research, visit



The Italian National Center for Oncological Hadron Therapy (CNAO) and the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Research (INFN) together planned and constructed a facility very similar to MedAustron in Pavia, Italy. A cooperation agreement allows MedAustron to build on the CNAO design and implement their knowledge for the planning of the particle accelerator in Wiener Neustadt. For further information visit or



In collaboration with the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute, the proton gantry is being developed for MedAustron. This device allows irradiating tumors from different directions. Thus the side effects of treatment can be reduced even further, as the dose arrives at the tumor from various selected directions, reducing the effect on adjacent healthy tissue. MedAustron employees benefit from the valuable experience of the PSI-experts as they use a gantry system that is very similar to the one being built for Wiener Neustadt. For more information on the Paul Scherrer Institute, visit



Seibersdorf Labor GmbH supports MedAustron in all technical and organizational matters concerning radiation protection. This includes computational and measurement based radiation protection reports for the necessary regulatory approvals from the accredited testing laboratory, as well as the assessment of work procedures in terms of radiation protection. Additionally, the laboratory supports MedAustron in the monitoring of the dose exposure of MedAustron personnel (which is an important contribution to the protection of the employees). Extensive radiation protection training was provided by the Seibersdorf Academy. MedAustron benefits from the long experience of the experts from Seibersdorf who are members in national and international forums. For more information visit



As part of a research cooperation, the key software for controlling and managing the patient treatment is being developed at the radART institute of the „Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität“. Not only are special medical requirements of the ion beam therapy taken into account, but the software also serves as an overall control system for the irradiation rooms and as a monitoring system for the patient safety. Visit the radART website


Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität

MedAustron is one of the four sponsors of the Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences. KLU offers a bologna-compliant range of study programmes in Health Sciences, Human Medicine, Psychology and Psychotherapy and Counselling Sciences. Visit the KL website