Patient services

Treatments at MedAustron are performed on an outpatient basis. As a patient, you only need to be directly at MedAustron for your treatment sessions, consultations or examinations.

However, this does not mean that we will not support you in all matters regarding your therapy at MedAustron! Our Patient Services team will gladly help you if you or your family have any questions concerning your therapy or need any help in planning your stay during your therapy:

  • Transportation:
    We have collaborations with transport and rental car companies, granting our patients reduced fares. If you want to arrive by public transportation, we are happy to assist you in planning your trip.
  • Accommodation:
    We have selected a range of especially suitable accommodation facilities in case you need accommodation near MedAustron for the duration of your therapy. Among these, you will find anything from private rooms to hotels, from apartments to B&Bs. We are confident that together, we will find the right accommodation for you and your needs on favorable conditions.
    Do you have Austrian social security and has your treatment been approved by your health insurance? In this case, your health insurance will cover the costs for your treatment. Depending on the distance between your place of residence and MedAustron, you might also be entitled to receive cost coverage of an accommodation near MedAustron. For more information, please contact our Patient Services team.
  • Everyday needs from A to Z:
    Where can I find the closest textile cleaning? Which hairdresser should I go to? These and many more questions are likely to arise some point during your stay near MedAustron. It is our goal to help you in all matters, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Patient Service team is happy to help you in all matters!

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