Particle Accelerator


The particle accelerator generates the particle beam used for medical treatment and research. MedAustron’s whole particle accelerator consists of over 1.000 parts produced by more than 230 manufacturers in more than 22 countries.

At MedAustron either protons or carbon ions are used, generated by three ion sources. The charged particles are pre-accelerated in the so-called “Linac“ (“Linear Accelerator”) on a straight path by electrical alternating fields and are then injected into the synchrotron.

In the synchrotron, a circular accelerator with a circumference of 80 meters, the particles are further accelerated until they reach their final velocity of approximately two thirds of the speed of light, or 200.000 km/s.

Finally, the ion beam is led into the irradiation rooms on a so-called extraction line. The particles are held in place within a vacuum tube by strong magnetic fields, generated by 300 magnets in total. The synchrotron has been developed in close cooperation with CERN.