EITOC Meeting at MedAustron

In 2015, the four synchrotron-based ion therapy centers in Europe, CNAO, HIT, MIT and MedAustron, have set up the EITOC - European Ion Therapy Operations Club - upon common initiative. Its aim is, among others, mainly to exchange experience in technical operation of the individual centers, profit from synergies in purchasing, maintenance, service agreements, and other related topics. The EITOC is also known as the (Four Leaf) “Shamrock Club” – representing the close bond between the four centers, but also symbolizing the hope for cancer patients. After meetings in Heidelberg 2015 and within the IPAC 2016 in Busan, MedAustron hosted the third Shamrock meeting in Wiener Neustadt 20th – 21st January 2017. Updates from each center showed that we have all made significant progress in the last year: HIT could confirm high patient numbers while at the same time putting further angles of the Carbon gantry in operation, CNAO reported that ion therapy has been taken on the list of provided health services by the social insurances, MIT could increase their patient numbers and MedAustron of course kicked off with first patients. Good news! Further points discussed were: Technical defects at the four centers, beam quality assurance, common spare part policies, purchasing synergies and commissioning and further development in parallel to clinical operation. The fruitful discussions between the representatives of the four centers yielded a significant knowledge exchange and all participants are looking forward to their next meeting to be held within the IPAC 2017 in Copenhagen.

Photo-Caption: 3rd EITOC meeting at MedAustron - Fadmar Osmic (MedAustron), Andreas Peters (HIT), Uwe Scheeler (MIT), Giuseppe Venchi (CNAO), Matthias Kronberger (MedAustron)