NHM Vienna: The beginning of everything. About galaxies, quarks and collisions

From October 19th 2016 to August 20th 2017, the Museum of Natural History Vienna, in cooperation with the Institute of High Energy Physics (HEPHY) hosts the special exhibition "The beginning of everything: about galaxies, quarks and collisions", which takes visitors on a journey more than 13 billion years back to the start of the universe, presents recent scientific findings of particle physics and cosmology, and explains complex scientific instruments like…

10 years of future. MedAustron.

By officially launching the MedAustron project in 2007, Lower Austria opened the door to the future. To future cancer treatment. To a future of world-class research. To the future of the location Wiener Neustadt. On March 22nd, MedAustron invites you to looking back at 10 years of future, and looking ahead at our plans for the coming years.

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World Cancer Day 2017

February 4th is dedicated to the World Cancer Day, a global campaign to create awareness for this disease. This year's motto is again "We Can I Can", and each and everyone is invited to take action to achieve the joint goal of raising awareness and education about the disease. As in previous years, also MedAustron will participate.

For more information about the global campaign, please look here.


World Cancer Day

The global action day is taking place every year on February 4.  Its aim is to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment.

According to the tagline “We can. I can.”, everyone is invited to participate – whether individuals, companies or public organisations.

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