For performing non-clinical research projects, beam time for using protons and carbon ions as well as dedicated rooms are available. The beam parameters basically correspond to those used for the medical application, with the exception oft the maximum proton energy, which can be increased up to 800 MeV.


One particular irradiation room is solely reserved for non-clinical research activities and has the following properties:

  • a room size of about 96 m² with the possibility of two consecutively experimental set-ups;
  • a robotic positioning and verification system (ring imaging system), which is in the same way also available in the patient treatment rooms;
  • a removable nozzle, a research magnet with a maximum magnetic field of 1 T, external cooling options, a cooling down room, and a local control room.


According to the main areas of research in radiation biology, radiation physics, and applied particle physics, different labs have been equipped with appropriate instrutments. Among others this comprises for example:

  • a cell culture lab with incubators and laminar-flow workplaces;
  • a chemistry lab with a digestor, a staining device, and safety cabinets;
  • workbenches, microscopes, X-ray reference source, VME eletronics, etc.
  • a dosimetry lab with different dosimetric systems and phantoms;
  • a software lab with different treatment planning systems and Monte Carlo applications;
  • preparatory and storage rooms.

In addition, offices and a meeting room are available.